Data Analytics & AI

Harness the Power of Data & AI

Data analytics are a significant way to maintain a competitive edge—providing you with valuable insight to make informed and swift decisions. In fact, just about every line of business inside of a company can use analytics—from sales to human resources, research and development, customer experience, and manufacturing.

ePlus recognizes the importance of analytics, and has made investments in a dedicated practice to guide our customers down this critical path. We have cultivated strategic partnerships with Nvidia, Splunk, and Cisco, and are able to leverage the expertise of our certified staff to ensure you have the right data to feed your analytics platform. From start to finish, ePlus can work with your analytics team to design and implement a solution that will address your specific needs and result in measurable business outcomes that enable:

• Faster and more informed decisions

• Stronger relevance and relationships of your data

• Enhanced efficiency and business agility

• Reduced risk and improved compliance


What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a segment of computer science that focuses on the simulation of intelligent behavior in computer systems. The goal is for a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior in specific ways such as:

What is Big Data?

Big Data is a collection of technologies that make it practical to collect, store and process data of all types. Big Data makes it possible to gain new insights from a high variety of data sources and types. Ideal use cases:

  • Long term archive
  • Data integration
  • Streaming data collection
  • Management of large, complicated data sets

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a specific segment of Machine Learning inspired by a human brain, that is capable of making accurate predictions from data that is of high variety, volume and velocity. Ideal use cases:

  • Computer vision
  • Speech recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • Real-time predictions

Why ePlus?

Enablement Services

From stakeholder involvement and business problem identification to use case conception to feasibility study and data analysis — ePlus can make sure you get started correctly.

Data Science Consulting

From data integration and model design, to deployment, and maintenance — ePlus has what it takes to make an AI initiative a success.

AI and Data Optimized Infrastructure

From validated architectures to model management and packaged frameworks —  ePlus can speed time to execution and value realization.