Why ePlus for Your Financing Needs?

There are many financing options available. So why should you choose to work with ePlus instead of a bank, a manufacturer finance company, or another IT leasing company?  We get that question a lot. ePlus is uniquely positioned to leverage the best of all of these traditional financing options in one solution. Sure, we have favorable rates and can help you build capital strength, stretch your budgets, and achieve financial flexibility. But what really differentiates us is our true business process approach. Since 1990 we have been providing a wide portfolio of financing solutions and understand the complexities and nuances of financing—for federal government, state/local government, and commercial customers. We design programs that precisely fit with your business processes, structure, and needs.

Technology Financing

Leverage a simple but powerful business resource to significantly reduce the time and capital requirements typically associated with IT procurement.

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Customized Payment Programs

Accelerate time to value and redeploy cash resources within your business by aligning payments with your use of technology assets.

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Healthcare Financing

Acquire cutting-edge equipment when you need it, overcome budget limitations, and maximize patient care.

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Government Financing

At all levels of government, ePlus can help you get the assets you need today with current and future budget dollars.

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Vendor Financing

Increase sales opportunities and grow your business with flexible financing and services.

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We have proven success engineering and deploying solutions that enable our customers to thrive in today's constantly changing, complex technology landscape.