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AI is growing because it disrupts existing models, practices, and relationships. Organizations can deliver targeted marketing, optimize manufacturing processes, streamline customer interactions, improve healthcare outcomes, integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), and much more. While AI sounds complicated, ePlus data scientists and solution experts have been able to condense the journey into a simple 5-step roadmap for success.

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Are you ready for AI?

Companies that get AI right separate themselves from the competition But many organizations are struggling to realize AI’s potential.



Harnessing the Power of AI and Deep Learning

AI, Machine Learning and Big Data are showing up in almost every industry, yet many organizations are unsure about how to leverage its immense capability to produce deep, actionable intelligence. This podcast with Justin Emerson of ePlus can help you navigate how to tap into the power of AI.

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4 Myths About GPU Acceleration

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a computer chip specially designed to improve the performance of data-centric processes that require mathematical operations. The GPU has been embraced by the technology community and has helped to fuel a rapidly growing ecosystem of start-ups, products, and open-source libraries dedicated to accelerating compute or data-intensive tasks.

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Explore AI as a Driver of Flash Storage Transformation

Automated, predictive storage that helps IT staff stay focused on innovation is a smart innovation that can add value to your business. Listen to see how ePlus and HPE can help ease your storage management load.

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