Carrier-Grade Networking

Enhancing, updating, and growing a network is no small task. Every solution is different, just like every network, so a copy and paste framework can create limitations. Existing networks or greenfield builds benefit by examining network infrastructure and design with a focus on optimizing scalability, security, and resiliency.

From planning and design to execution, our team utilizes a knowledge base built over three decades of experience, providing an opportunity to advise, diagnose, optimize, and improve any network with a carrier-grade solution dedicated to high availability and greater flexibility. The rules apply to broadband service providers (BSPs) and utility cooperatives, just the same as municipal broadband or education networks encountering similar problems within their systems. All networks must have fault-tolerant, redundant solutions for their users.

Carrier-Grade Networking
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Aging infrastructure, suboptimal network design, lack of network maintenance and choosing to cut corners are all contributors to network failure and deterioration. Identifying and implementing the correct solution can help solve and prevent even the most complex problems.

End-to-end network solutions offer greater visibility into the network. A cohesive network will provide optimal, low-latency services. The carrier-grade design is key to providing a predictable deterministic infrastructure.

Discovering the best path and guiding clients with data-driven solutions allows ePlus to deliver the best outcomes, whether it’s before a problem occurs or during and after the worst has happened. The need for faster, more reliable network services cannot be met by a linear-thinking model of network architecture, and it cannot serve next-generation technology demands.

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Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Critical infrastructure sectors are those whose assets, systems, and networks are deemed crucial to society. There are 16 critical infrastructure sectors that are part of a complex, interconnected ecosystem.

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ePlus Helps Broadband Service Providers Add Value in Underserved and Rural Communities

The Service Provider Group at ePlus brings the knowledge of carrier-grade infrastructure and how those architectures can be applied to varying market verticals with a continued emphasis on service provider networking. The combined organization provides access to more than 2000 industry manufacturers, enhancing the services and solutions extended to broadband providers and bringing more options to new and existing customers.

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Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC) Lifts Up Rural Communities

With help from ePlus, MBC deploys new backbone network to deliver higher-bandwidth connectivity to rural communities in southern Virginia.

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