Operations & Analytics

Layers of Technology

Security programs are built on strong policy and enforcement controls. The technology used in these controls generates valuable data used to defend against threats and protect sensitive data. The timely and efficient use of this data and administration of all the security toolsets used in an organization’s architecture is critical to the success of the security operations environment. ePlus is positioned to help companies make the best use of their controls and toolsets as well as introduce emerging capabilities that help security operations teams become more responsive and resilient.


ePlus helps our customers evaluate and choose the technology best suited to their environments and capabilities. We leverage partnerships with leading technology providers and work hand-in-hand with customers to assess, advise and engage to create a comprehensive security program tailored to your needs, all with the goal of protective your sensitive data.


Security Event Management platforms help to correlate the massive amounts of security log data, provide correlative results and help automate response activities for security analysts. These platforms are being enhanced with behavioral analytics and scripted automation tools to reduce the need for entry level analyst triage.

Packet Brokers / SSL Decryption

Network traffic is a source of truth for detecting malicious activity. Packet broker technology helps provide insight into encrypted traffic and steer the right network traffic to the right tools for inspection, helping organizations make more efficient use of their tool sets.

Vulnerability Management

Identifying and patching software exploits is a critical security hygiene practice. Managing vulnerabilities relies on continuous monitoring and reporting of known vulnerabilities, prioritization, and timely remediation.

Configuration Management

Size and complexity of architecture is a challenge for many organizations. Configuration management tools help administrators keep consistent and efficient policies, identify anomalies, and satisfy audit requirements through the use of centralized management platforms.

Threat Intelligence

Security tools are most effective when they are enhanced with real-time knowledge to accelerate prevention and detection abilities. Threat intelligence is a valuable addition to SIEM tools and active threat hunting teams to keep pace with evolving threat landscape.

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