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Stop Overpaying for Connectivity

Enterprises spend hundreds of billions of dollars contracting with carriers for telecom services. Market volatility, complex contract terms, and poor auditing and billing practices mean many organizations overpay for connectivity.

ePlus works with enterprises to identify requirements, qualify vendors, and assess submissions. We use our expertise in architecting advanced networks to consolidate your technology portfolio and reduce cost. We also consider how your network will need to evolve over time to facilitate mobility, digital transformation, the internet of things (IoT), cloud utilization, and other next-generation use cases and workloads.

Wireless Connectivity
Network Performance

Optimized Network Performance Reduces Costs

Creating a portfolio of carriers, data centers, and cloud providers does not have to be complicated or unrealistically expensive. By partnering with ePlus, you gain access to 90+ global carriers and aggregators. These prequalified relationships allow us to streamline your connectivity portfolio while improving bandwidth, resiliency, redundancy, and costs.

Carrier Expense Mgmt

Carrier Expense Management Ensures Contract Compliance

With ePlus Carrier Expense Management, you have the option of letting us manage your optimized portfolio of providers. Using our purpose-built portal, we monitor your contracts and circuits to ensure compliance and availability. We also use our expertise to audit providers, dispute bills, recover funds, customize cost allocations, and simplify bill pay services.

Carrier Expense Management allows us to manage your connectivity portfolio over its entire lifecycle while continuing to assess and compare provider offers. This value-add service allows you to actively manage one of your most important business costs and further improve service delivery.

Digital Transformation

Mobility Optimization and Management Supports Digital Transformation

Enterprises need wireless and cellular technologies to pursue a wide range of business objectives—from supporting a mobile workforce to enabling digital transformation implementing strategies such as IoT. ePlus Mobility Optimization and Management, which is available for a performance-based monthly fee and with zero upfront cost, helps you contract for the most cost-effective and reliable carrier plans.

ePlus delivers value by reducing your cellular and wireless spend. Our patented optimization technology allows us to manage carriers, inventory, and procurement. As part of our ROI pricing model, it delivers real-time data for auditing data usage, slashing costs, and boosting efficiency without having to disrupt service or churn providers.

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