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Vendor Financing

Increasingly customers are expecting the vendor to offer payment solutions as part of the procurement process. ePlus Vendor Financing offers your company a one-stop-shop for all your customers. With Over 30 years of experience we have developed leading solutions that are easily integrated into your sales process, relevant to the current market and accounting rules, and are flexible to your customers' needs. Our people are the difference, and our seasoned sales team is available to support you whenever and wherever needed.

Vendor Financing
Money Savings

Benefits of Offering Payment Solutions

  • Close more sales
  • Close a larger sale
  • Close more profitable sales/retain margins
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improve your internal cash flow
  • Remove the risk of termination for convenience
  • Remove the risk of non-appropriations
ePlus vendor finance

Why ePlus for Vendor Finance?

  • One-stop shop for all customers: Federal, Commercial, SLED
  • Efficient process that fits into your current sales motion
  • Effective payment solutions to meet your and your customer's requirements
  • Experienced team
  • Internal resources and solutions that expand beyond traditional vendor finance programs
  • Expertise and flexibility on equipment: IT, Security Solutions, Medical, POS, Factory Automation
Payment solutions

Payment Solutions

  • 100% financing of hardware, software, maintenance, and services
  • Subscription Services financing allows you to get paid upfront
  • Traditional lease, loan, and installment payments
  • "As a Service" solutions
  • PO Financing allows payment solutions within existing contracts
  • Managed equipment solutions
  • Technology refresh programs

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