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Applying Smart Solutions to Broadband Service Providers

Where connectivity is limited or nonexistent, a resilient, carrier-grade network has become the conduit for offering high-speed broadband services to both rural small towns and heavily populated metropolitan areas. Broadband makes that communication possible.

No matter what the problems or intricacies of your network are, the goal of any broadband service provider remains the same: provide the best service for the subscriber. From municipalities to tribal communities to standard cable and telco providers, your situation and needs will be met and understood by the ePlus team.

For the past 20 years, the ePlus service provider team has built a strong foundation of experience by not only adapting to a diverse set of providers and operators but also by troubleshooting next-generation and legacy networks with end-of-life hardware. Delivering positive outcomes for millions of subscribers and hundreds of underserved communities throughout the United States and beyond has created a knowledge base of tested solutions for service provider networks.

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Service Providers

As connectivity through internet access continues to evolve globally, broadband service providers offer essential services for their subscribers. If your main source of business is providing broadband access to regional communities or delivering fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to individual subscribers, we can help you find the right solution.

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Energy and Utility

There is a new utility among standard water, gas, and electricity providers and cooperatives: broadband internet. Broadband has become more than an option; it's essential. Utility co-ops and energy cooperatives need support and information on how to establish and grow broadband services, but frequently, private utility networks require system updates and new technology. ePlus can offer the network technology to facilitate this.

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Understanding the unique business drivers of municipal broadband versus for-profit providers is critical to building network infrastructure. By knowing how to navigate broadband for a municipality and understanding the aspects of power, water, gas, or another service, there is an opportunity to provide a complete solution for any municipal network.

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Tribal Communities

Communities depend on a strong network to make smart decisions and deliver better connectivity, especially in tribal communities. Outdated infrastructure and technology unfit for growth limit access to education, healthcare, work opportunities, and gaming, often in rural and remote locations.

Service Provider Infrastructure

Building an intelligent, modular architecture and a Carrier-grade network is the sum of its parts. Planning, design, and execution with established and tested solutions is where ePlus can help begin putting each of those pieces together. This includes:

  • Core Routing
  • Optical Transport
  • Access Technology
  • Cloud and Data Center
  • Security
  • Managed Services
  • Financing
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Core Routing

Transfer data more efficiently, securely, and faster between your networks with intelligent core routing. Enable resilience, fault tolerance, high uptime, and high availability for subscribers with proactive planning and secure design.

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Optical Transport

Long-distance and multi-site networks need greater bandwidth to support subscribers with more reliability, lower latency, ease of management, and greater flexibility. A solid design surrounding optical transport will increase network uptime and improve subscriber satisfaction.

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Access Technology

Access is more than speeds and feeds. It’s flexible with operationally efficient subscriber provisioning and management tools to address subscriber needs and reduce subscriber churn throughout the evolution of a network.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud and Data Center

Leveraging cloud and data center solutions will help you navigate the ever-changing requirements evolving in security, visibility, application modernization, automation, cost optimization, and multi-cloud connectivity.

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Implement security solutions to strengthen management and controls, detect cyber attacks, and protect against the increasing threat of DDoS and ransomware. A vulnerable network is a risk for the provider and the subscriber.

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Managed Services

Proactively offer the ability to manage, monitor, and maximize technologies your subscribers and enterprise customers need. From networking to security, cloud, managed SD-WAN, collaboration, and more, you can reduce complexity, enhance subscriber experience, and retain subscribers with services that increase your value to business customers, all while helping to increase revenue.

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Get tailored financing to support your innovation with flexible options, such as extended and installment purchase agreements and consumption and subscription payment choices.


ePlus Helps Broadband Service Providers Add Value in Underserved and Rural Communities

The Service Provider Group at ePlus brings the knowledge of carrier-grade infrastructure and how those architectures can be applied to varying market verticals with a continued emphasis on service provider networking. The combined organization provides access to more than 2000 industry manufacturers, enhancing the services and solutions extended to broadband providers and bringing more options to new and existing customers.

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