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Trends in the World of Wireless LAN

Watch Kit Johnston, ePlus Global Wireless Practice Lead, share his insights on wireless LAN control and management platforms moving from on-premise to cloud-controlled solutions as well as private cellular networks replacing Wifi and the importance of site surveys when deploying a wireless LAN.

Roadmaps for Keeping Workers Connected

Does your platform support onsite, mobile, and remote workers? Is access reliable enough to deliver on key performance metrics? Can you onboard new users quickly or recover from outages without disrupting access?

Secure Wireless Access delivers the resources and services workers need to stay productive from any location or workspace. Using our READI process, we architect the secure access they need to use applications, collaborate with peers and customers, and share sensitive information while safeguarding core assets.

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Designs That Adapt as Conditions Change

Secure Wireless Access provides a wireless roadmap for supporting a distributed workforce. Engagements include a readiness assessment of existing network, operations, and physical sites before proposing a platform that delivers on critical objectives.

Proposals detail a cost-effective strategy that allows you to expand identify-based access while enforcing policies. Our approach includes practical steps for leveraging existing investments with advice on implementing advanced functions such as monitoring social density and worker proximity if conditions warrant.


Approaches That Leverage Advanced Infrastructure

Secure Wireless Access delivers data you can use to track assets and usage, improve worker experiences, increase productivity, and launch new initiatives. ePlus offers a range of services and tools to accelerate these efforts.

Support includes technical services to minimize disruptions and automation tools for simplifying onboarding and endpoint management. It also offers managed services for adding hard-to-recruit expertise and advanced tools for resolving problems before they disrupt access. In-person and virtual training is also available and allows in-house workers to acquire the knowledge they need to maintain, troubleshoot, or extend your wireless infrastructure.

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