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Developing an appropriate routing architecture in the network core is key to operational success. By properly utilizing technologies like BGP, Segment Routing and MPLS, to name a few, a network will be positioned for flexibility and availability. Deploying an optical solution helps networks maximize the use of their existing fiber plant and cover long distances in high-demand service areas with little to no disruption. This is the literal backbone of your network. With the use of routed and pluggable optics, a combination of these two elements turns into a converged packet optical architecture. This is the basis of a modern, modular and automated network. 

You can improve clarity and visibility on your network by being:

  • Modular
  • Resilient
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Proactive
  • Smart about segmentation
  • Utilizing Automation / AI
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Designing for Failure and Building a Redundant Network

No matter how much you prepare, outages will happen, but it comes down to how you will recover.

Designing for failure means creating a flexible, intelligent, and predictable network with built-in redundancies, proactive alerts, and automation tools integrated with a comprehensive set of processes. By implementing this practice, you can prevent outages, minimize outage impact, uphold your reputation, and protect your revenue.

There is no ultimate redundancy. However, the right technology and infrastructure paired with the right processes will limit downtime and disruptions. This can include: modern services edge and analytics, intelligent overlay using BGP and an automation-ready and simplified protocol carrier network underlay.

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