Professional Services

Realize the greatest impact and fastest ROI from your IT investments and make your initiatives a complete success by relying on ePlus to implement solutions.

Consulting Services

Harness business thinking that drives IT solutions with technology-driven insight and guidance to make smarter decisions.

Managed Services

Move from managing IT to managing business outcomes with proactive support for the critical technologies that run your business.

Customer Experience (CX)

Strategic Technology Staffing

Find and place the right people you need, when you need them—short-term, long-term, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire IT professionals.

Support Services

Fulfill your global IT service needs quickly, with simple terms and local resources, for an exceptional service experience. 


Gain actionable insight to make your IT environment more reliable, scalable, high performing, and secure.

Training Services

Arm your teams with the skills and knowledge needed to support the next phase of your business. 

Configuration Center Services

Leverage equipment staging services to prepare manufacturer hardware for installation and final configuration in your environment.

Cloud Consulting Services

Lean on the experts to help align your business and cloud strategies, build your cloud foundation, accelerate cloud adoption, and optimize cloud deployments.

Security Services

Advisory, assessment, and managed services help you identify and mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and implement a strategy to improve your security posture.


Not All Perspectives Are Created Equal

Imagine being able to see the forest and the trees as you manage your IT landscape—with keen insight into the holistic view and the ability to tackle every detail in between. Leverage ePlus’ deep and broad services expertise forged from thousands of customer engagements to discover more from your technology. Together, we can help you strategize for more agility, architect for better outcomes, accelerate for faster ROI, and optimize for stronger resiliency.

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When Perspective Is Everything, Your Partner Means Even More

Approaching your IT strategy from a strong and clear vantage point can set you up to realize the greatest impact from your IT investments—even in the face of today’s complexity and disruption. That's why choosing the right partner is key to fueling your success. ePlus brings the insightful strategies and innovative solutions you need to elevate your business.

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Perspective: The Key to Thriving Through Disruption

No one could have predicted 2020. Looking ahead, there’s only one thing we can predict with any certainty—more disruption. And no one can afford to be caught off guard when the next change hits. That’s why you need agility, speed, resiliency, and an IT architecture that enables your company to thrive, no matter what surprises come our way in 2021.

It’s important to strategize at the high level and execute at the ground level, while keeping up with constantly-changing business needs. But shifting your perspective from the strategic to the tactical and back again is enough to give even the most talented IT professional whiplash. That’s why organizations across nearly every industry vertical seek us out.

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Are You Prepared for Your Next Failover?

Sooner or later, everyone in IT has that moment. You’ve just lost your primary internet circuit, and everything is down. You can’t process POs, customers can’t get to your product, and your phone is ringing. You know without looking that it’s senior leadership calling. And even though there’s nothing wrong with the thermostat, the back of your neck is suddenly sweaty. It’s failover time.

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Four Ways of Leveraging Consulting Services to See the Forest and the Trees

As an IT professional, have you ever felt so overwhelmed with projects and strapped for time that you knew important things were getting missed? Maybe some servers were being configured wrong or security profiles were too lax?

Ever felt like everyone on your team was too busy scrambling to keep up with the daily demands of their jobs that project deadlines were slipping?

Ever wondered if the technology solutions you have in place are really working the way you expected them to? Or if they are even the best solutions at all to help you accomplish the outcomes you’re trying to achieve?

Ever lost sleep wondering about what you’re actually getting for all the money you’re spending on IT?

Of course you have. We all have.

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