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ePlus & Community Builders Forge Partnership

With ePlus by its side, The Community Builders has one partner for all IT services to develop a strategy and roadmap that aligns technology back to its business requirements and support its mission.

"By using ePlus, the services we supply to our end users, employees, and residents has increased. The outcomes that we have achieved are phenomenal, providing reports and allowing people to do things that they couldn't do before." 

- Joe Giggey, Director of IT | Community Builders


Enhancing Organizational Agility by Consuming IT as a Service

With the accelerated pace of change, you need to speed time to market—without added risk.  Consumption of IT as a service is an increasingly used and very impactful way to move faster and with more agility.

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Fuel Your IT Innovation

Managed Services allow you to outsource the day-to-day operations of your IT infrastructure, shifting your focus from keeping the lights on to driving your business forward. See how ePlus can help you connect the dots from your current state to achieve the future state your business needs—and fuel your IT innovation.

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Be The Match Quickly Fills High-Demand IT Roles with Staffing Expertise from ePlus

ePlus serves up the best qualified candidates—meticulously screened and vetted—with both the IT expertise required and as a perfect cultural match.

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