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We offer the following levels of AI support tailored to meet the unique requirements at any maturation stage:
ai curious

AI Curious

For clients at the beginning of their AI journey, ePlus provides an envisioning workshop, assessment, and roadmap designed to identify and prioritize use cases, establish budget, and project goals. These ePlus services focus on AI preparedness and provide guidance on data requirements, security and governance, and potential benefits for organizations exploring a business-aligned AI strategy. 


ai ready

AI Ready

Many organizations with an established AI strategy are ready to build and manage an AI-optimized infrastructure to accelerates business outcomes. For these clients, ePlus offers a workshop, strategy and roadmap review and assessment, and provides design and implementation guidance.

ai mature

AI Mature

This advanced offering is intended for organizations who are considered more advanced adopters and who already have an AI strategy and solutions in-place. It provides transformation guidance to help optimize their AI capabilities and costs to achieve further success.

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