Healthcare Financing

Flexible Options to Help You Serve Patients Better

Healthcare Financing from ePlus helps you acquire cutting-edge equipment and bridge the gap between implementation and reimbursement to optimize your ROI. By leveraging extended payment and finance options, our customers are able to provide the highest level of patient care while maintaining budget flexibility and regular refresh cycles. This means you get the right technology when you need it and can match the payment timing with its use, lowering one of the primary barriers to upgrades and refresh budgets. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the complexity of the healthcare market, the unique decision-making process, and government regulations. This insight allows us to create a long-term road map for technology acquisition to maintain a state of the art patient care delivery while maximizing reimbursements. 

Benefits of Healthcare Financing from ePlus

  • Manufacturer-independent financing and management for unique pricing viewpoints 
  • Protection against obsolescence
  • Pay-per-procedure programs available
  • 100% financing including hardware, software and services
  • Flexible end-of-term options (including operating and capital leases, loans, purchase-leaseback of installed equipment, and tax-exempt instruments)


  • Extended and Installment Purchase Agreements 
  • Consumption and subscription payment options for qualifying technologies
  • Broad application of use, from IT equipment to MRIs, digital X-rays, nuclear medicine, intravenous pumps, furniture, and fixtures  

Major Metropolitan Hospital System Uses ePlus Financing Solutions for Medical and IT Assets

With ePlus' systems and process in place, the hospital system benefits from more effective decision making and the resulting cost and efficiency improvements.

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