Actionable Insight for Better Outcomes

Assessments help you understand what’s really going on within your IT environment, providing valuable insight you can use to adapt to shifting demands and deliver better business outcomes. Armed with that knowledge, you can make your IT environment more reliable, scalable, high performing, and secure—and take your business to the next level.

ePlus has the broad, proven experience—and partnerships with all major manufacturers—to offer assessment capabilities across every critical discipline, including cloud, security, virtualization, networking, data center, and storage.


Key Benefits

  • Ensure your IT environment is secure and cloud-ready
  • Evaluate performance to support your business requirements and improve the customer experience
  • Gain immediate insight into the health of your environment with analysis and detailed reports that help you reduce risk
  • Compile an actionable remediation plan for critical issues, cost savings measures, and consolidation opportunities that support your business requirements
  • Ensure best practices are being used and you’re adhering to industry standards and compliance requirements
  • Baseline your existing environment to use as an aid in future planning and troubleshooting

Cloud and Data Center Assessments

Determine the right cloud model for your applications and workloads, properly evaluate and plan for migration to public cloud, reduce data center risk, and optimize your environment, and prepare for hybrid computing.

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Security Assessments

Know where your exposures are, so you can take action to eliminate them. Point-in-time tactical assessments help you identify security weaknesses, test for vulnerabilities, and create a remediation plan.

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IT Infrastructure Assessments

Prepare for IOT and digitization with our digital-ready network assessment, SD-WAN readiness assessment, infrastructure assessments, and infrastructure lifecycle assessments that provide a comprehensive view of your network—using a business-focused approach—and a roadmap for next steps.

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