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State, Local and Education (SLED)

ePlus provides a comprehensive solutions-based approach to SLED organizations, helping them build an IT infrastructure that meets their specific needs, goals, regulatory requirements, and budgets. ePlus currently works with school districts, universities, state and local government agencies and teaching hospitals, across the United States, through its public sector contract vehicles to support a variety of technology and engineering practices.

ePlus delivers innovative solutions across its core engineering focus areas, including:

  • Connected "Smart" Communities
  • Connected Government
  • Secure Campuses
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Big Data
  • Managed Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Virtual CSO/CIO
  • Asset and Maintenance Contract Management
State Government

State Government

State governments are responsible for a variety of services that impact the everyday lives of every resident. State governments work to improve education, health, safety, commerce, housing and critical infrastructure like roads, bridges, water and sewage systems. State governments also oversee public transportation, public safety and judicial services. Additionally and increasingly, state governments are faced with a number of challenges as they work to maintain the safety, security, health and prosperity of their state. State governments work to ensure their digital infrastructure is secure, strong and capable of providing improved communications, customer service, public engagement, and community cohesiveness. State governments struggle with tight budgets, complex procurement processes, complex contracts and ever evolving innovations and threats in technology. ePlus can help State Government officials navigate the road to a secure, effective network and infrastructure as well as supports, personnel and services.

Local Government icon

Local Government

Local government entities face an enormous challenge to provide services to their citizens. Community planning, assessing growth, health, safety, communication, business development and resource management needs are a few key areas where local government IT Department leaders must focus resources to meet broader community needs. Local governments face budgetary and financial challenges as well as staffing, asset management, labor relations, and regulatory challenges and now significant physical plant as well as network security risks exacerbate the challenges facing community leaders. Planning and implementing the right technology can play a significant role in helping provide better community engagement and services to constituents.

Education icon


Education IT departments have become forward-looking, while working to keep students, teachers and families connected across a variety of settings, platforms and environments, all while maintaining the utmost in on-line and network safety and security. Education entities are also constrained by compliance and budgetary restrictions that present it with a unique set of technology challenges. The role of IT Leadership in K-12 Schools and Institutions of Higher Education is changing from straight management of IT infrastructure and purchasing decisions to that of a strategic business partner, equally committed to protecting student data and improving the students’ and teachers’ educational experience. We can help you optimize your technology environment to provide state of the art access to teachers and applications, with a more personalized student experience, while balancing budgetary and compliance requirements.

SLED Contracts icon

SLED Contracts

ePlus has developed strategic partnerships with leading providers of IT services, hardware, and software to bring you an extensive list of contract authorizations that permit state and local government, education, and healthcare customers to expeditiously and cost-effectively procure the technology they need. ePlus also provides assistance when responding to RFPs, RFIs, Grants and other procurement vehicles.

SLED Financing icon

SLED Financing

Ready to upgrade your technology but not sure it’s within your budget? We offer a variety of financing and leasing options so you can procure technology when and how you need it, at a price point you can manage. Since 1990 we have been providing a wide portfolio of financing solutions to customers across commercial and government enterprises, designing programs that are tailored to fit their unique processes, structures, budget and contract requirements.



ePlus is a leading systems integrator for the public sector in the United States, holding more than 100 contracts. Its achievement in meeting the unique needs of educational and government organizations has been acknowledged with prestigious awards by its partners.

Darren Raiguel
"Public sector organizations turn to ePlus to solve their business issues based on our coverage, contracts, expertise, pricing, engineering resources, financial solutions, and more. We understand the nuances of IT, and how they intersect with internal policies and governmental rules and regulations. We are adept at helping SLED customers navigate through the multitude of manufacturers, solution providers, and newly-emerging technologies to deploy the best solutions to meet their business objectives-on time and within budget."

    - Darren Raiguel, President and Chief Operating Officer at ePlus

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