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Close Your Cyber Exposure Gap

Your modern attack surface is exploding. Tenable delivers the world’s first platform to accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities across any computing platform. Secure your cloud, containers, OT devices and traditional IT assets. Translate technical data into business insights. Brought to you by the creators of Nessus®. Designed, deployed and managed for you by the experts at ePlus.

Use ePlus Vulnerability Management as a Service – powered by Tenable – to make the most efficient use of your limited security resources while minimizing your business risk.






Focus First on What Matters Most

Legacy vulnerability management is no match for your ever-expanding attack surface. To gain control, you need a proactive, risk-based vulnerability management solution to prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk.

See where your organization is vulnerable, across the full modern attack surface. Secure your cloud, containers, OT devices and traditional IT assets.

Reduce the number of vulnerabilities requiring immediate remediation by 97% with science driven data.

Translate technical data into business insights. Track your progress over time through measurements and benchmarking.

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Measure Cyber Exposure and benchmark against peers.

Calculate, communicate and compare your cyber exposure while managing risk with Tenable® Lumin.

For the first time ever, you can visualize and explore your Cyber Exposure, track risk reduction over time, and benchmark against your peers. Use Tenable Lumin, an advanced visualization, analytics and measurement solution, to understand and reduce your Cyber Exposure. Lumin transforms vulnerability data into meaningful insights to help you manage cyber risk across your entire organization.

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Accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities. Managed in the Cloud.

Tenable.io® provides the actionable and accurate data you need to identify, investigate, and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your modern IT environment. Tenable.io powers the ePlus Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) solution.

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Accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities. Managed On-Prem.

With Tenable.sc™ (formerly SecurityCenter) you get a real-time, continuous assessment of your security posture so you can find and fix vulnerabilities faster.

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Get the Operational Technology Security You Need. Reduce the Risk You Don't.

IT and OT infrastructures are rapidly converging. The days of air-gapped systems are gone. Industrial and critical infrastructure organizations are adopting IoT devices at an unprecedented rate.

As these environments converge and expand, your attack surface and attack vectors do, too. That means you likely have blind spots across your converged IT/OT infrastructure that can lead to unacceptable risk.

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management/VMaaS Webinar

ePlus and Tenable discuss how to cut through the vulnerability overload so you can focus on the few vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to your business. Also learn how ePlus can take the burden off your team with a VMaaS managed solution.

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ePlus Vulnerability Management as a Service

An efficient, integrated and affordable solution to streamline control of your vulnerability management lifecycle from discovery to prioritized remediation plan. Take the burden off your resources so they can focus on other critical tasks.


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