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Helping you accelerate business outcomes through Data Driven Digital Transformation

Your data is priceless and must become the lifeblood of your organization. Today’s digital business can’t operate without it. Digital transformation remains top of mind for executives. Your ability to serve your customers, to explore new markets, to create new products and services, and to optimize your operations is directly linked to your ability to leverage your data. No matter where it is.

Together with NetApp®, ePlus helps you optimize this valuable asset. Using NetApp technology, ePlus creates innovative solutions to help you accelerate data driven digital transformation around your own data fabric.  Our experienced engineers help you architect, build, and manage a multi-cloud environment that will provide seamless access to your data and enable you to deliver better business outcomes.


NetApp Keystone Services Certified


ePlus & NetApp Master Class

No need to start from scratch when you choose ePlus and NetApp for your data management and integrity needs. From ransomware resiliency and data protection to maximizing the value of hybrid cloud and integrating new technologies, we’ll bring broad experience mixed with a strategic vision that will help you build upon and extend your success.

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Data Fabric

Data Fabric

To succeed in digital business, you need access to your data, wherever it is, whenever you need it. ePlus and NetApp assist you in identifying your data fabric components by simplifying the integration and orchestration of data services across your choice of clouds: Private or Public. Together we provide capabilities to: discover resources; integrate disparate data services; automate operations; optimize the fabric over time; and protect and secure data everywhere. Using NetApp ONTAP™, our NetApp-certified cloud architects can help you build a high-performing cloud-connected all-flash infrastructure to do just that.

Modernize+Simplify IT

Modernize & Simplify IT to Accelerate Business Critical Applications

Digital business is demanding. Is your network up to the task? For too long, the network has been rigid and inflexible, slowing down the speed of deployment for new applications. With VMware NSX Data Center™ and SD-WAN by VeloCloud™, you can implement a secure, high-performing virtualized network that enables you to increase your speed to market for new services and reduce tension between the business and IT.

Build Private Clouds

Build Private Clouds to Gain Speed and Agility

Once your data center has been optimized for your current needs, now you need to support growth by adding new capabilities to your current environment. Responsiveness to your business requires the fast delivery of new applications and services while running existing workloads more efficiently. ePlus and NetApp can bring the power of cloud-native data services on premises. Next-generation technology allows you to realize the speed, scale, and performance of the cloud within your own IT landscape. NetApp Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) allows for next-generation scalability and frictionless consumption with solutions engineered by ePlus data center experts.

Data Innovation

Fuel Data-Driven Innovation on Your Choice of Clouds

Hybrid cloud strategies help to expand innovation. Leverage the cloud resources that are best for your business and simplify the complexities of managing data across multiple public clouds and on-premises settings. Rely on ePlus to assist in creating the right solution to drive high performance and faster deployment of data across Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform, as well as your Private Cloud landscape with NetApp Data Driven technologies. 

Accelerate AI Journey

Accelerate the Journey to AI

Unlocking the power of AI is almost completely dependent on the data that fuels it. NetApp helps organizations build their data fabrics to integrate a data pipeline across edge, core, and cloud, so that data can be ingested, collected, stored, and protected—no matter where that data resides. Only then can data be optimally applied to train AI, drive machine learning, and empower the deep learning algorithms necessary to bring AI to life.  Combine this comprehensive data driven approach with ePlus AI and infrastructure expertise, and you can accelerate your AI journey and leverage deep learning about your customers, your products, and your business to make better decisions, advance innovation, and create true differentiation for your company.

Partner Services


From storage and backup assessments to proactive monitoring to first and second-level call support and more, ePlus offers a variety of services and access to over 500 technical and support engineers to ensure your NetApp environment is optimized and protected.


Award-Winning Excellence

ePlus is a National NetApp Star Partner—awarded FlexPod™ Partner of the Year multiple times and NetApp Cloud First Partner of the Year in 2019—and has a long-standing relationship working together to help customers achieve better results through technology innovation.

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