Bruce Bowen
Independent Director
Age: 70
Director of ePlus since 1990
Committees: None
Other Public Company Directorships: None


Mr. Bowen founded our company in 1990 and served as our President until September 1996. Beginning in September 1996 and until March 2014, Mr. Bowen served as our Executive Vice President and from September 1996 to June 1997 also served as our Chief Financial Officer. In March 2014, Mr. Bowen stepped down as Executive Vice President, and he retired as an employee of the company in May 2018. However, he continues to serve on the Board, as he has since our founding.

Prior to founding the Company, he served as Senior Vice President of PacifiCorp Capital, Inc., which was an equipment leasing company. In the past, he has served as Chairman of the Association for Government Leasing and Finance as well as various committees of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, which gave him a broad understanding of issues affecting our industry. During his leasing career, Mr. Bowen participated in equipment lease financing in excess of $3 billion, involving many major vendors as well as government contractors. Mr. Bowen is a graduate of the University of Maryland for both his undergraduate degree in finance, and his master’s degree in business administration in finance.

Mr. Bowen’s experience in the leasing industry brings to the Board depth and breadth of knowledge relating to finance and funding. He also has a thorough knowledge of sales and operations activities and a multitude of industry-specific areas.



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