Medical Center Builds Long-Term IT Partnership with ePlus

A university hospital and leading medical center has partnered with ePlus for 16+ years on all facets of its IT infrastructure, starting with a wireless deployment and evolving to numerous strategic initiatives—including a full hospital-wide assessment, tiered application strategy, and logistical resource center.

Business Challenge

  • The medical center has come to ePlus to handle a multitude of IT challenges over the years, ranging from a wireless deployment to replace a legacy system to staging facility services, assessing its current IT footprint, implementing a tiered application strategy, providing logistical support, and supplementing in-house talent with a wide range of staffing placements

Why ePlus?

  • Embedded in the customer’s IT fabric
  • Trusted advisor—engineering and financing
  • Relationships across the medical center at many departments
  • Ability to keenly manage resources and far-reaching initiatives


  • Full hospital-wide IT assessment (storage, compute, network, and help desk)
  • Tiered application strategy : Tier 0 – Tier 1
  • Security, virtualization, and storage
  • Flexible PO Financing
  • Professional services for infrastructure design and deployment
  • Full logistical support, including warehousing, shipping, and inventory management
  • Staffing for a number of onsite resources, including Data Scientists, Project Managers, Developers, AV Design Engineers, and Network Engineers

Business Outcomes

  • Scalable and highly-available IT infrastructure in place, poised to meet the medical center’s existing and future needs
  • Enhanced IT security to protect patient data, help meet compliance mandates, and strengthen overall security posture
  • Better understanding of IT environment through assessments, with gaps identified to improve decision making and efficiency
  • Ability to meet CIO’s directives for tiered application strategy
  • Improved processes and enhanced efficiency from logistical resource center
  • Optimized placement of staffing resources helps meet immediate needs and supplement technical expertise on an as-needed basis

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