Security Advisory Services

Security Advisory Services

Through strategic security consulting, ePlus helps clients understand and define their true business risk in order to cultivate and maintain a strong security posture. This includes adaptation and realization of their current/future security stack, regulatory compliance needs, or standardizing with an industry framework. 

ePlus SOAR Workshop

The ePlus SOAR Workshop will provide you with an introduction into the world of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response. A SOAR solution integrates your organization’s technology, people and processes and automates workflows into one centralized platform. This provides a faster, more effective approach to incident response and threat management, gives you better visibility into your network and security program, and greatly reduces your attack surface.


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Cloud Usage & Risk Workshop

An ePlus Cloud Usage & Risk Workshop will assess your current cloud services, provide education around available security controls for cloud applications, and take the first step in implementing a solution that will better protect your organization‘s data within shared cloud applications. Sign up for a Cloud Usage & Risk Workshop today.


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Endpoint Threat Prevention
& Response Workshop

Learn how to prevent and respond to threats by adding an advanced endpoint protection solution that can help to greatly reduce malware attacks and increase the efficiency of your security operations program. Schedule an Endpoint Threat Prevention & Response Workshop today.


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Strategic Security Assessments

Strategic Security Assessments (SSAs) are focused on understanding the unique security risks your organization has to manage and prioritizing those risks. We evaluate the maturity of any program against an agreed upon framework and make recommendations, customized for your organization, that address your specific business and risk management needs. Sign up for a Strategic Security Assessment today.


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