Carrier Expense Management

Carrier Expense Management

Managing multiple carriers, contracts, and services across the globe can be costly, time-consuming, and complex. Let ePlus Carrier Expense Management remove this burden from your plate through our full, white glove managed service. You’ll benefit from comprehensive global contract visibility, term liability, expense management, accounts payable integration, and MACD / project management as well as convenient bill pay for all of your monthly recurring services.

Service Baseline and Initial Audit

Our first step is to perform a full inventory assessment and rationalization for every site that covers every service, every contract, and every penny you spend across your global carriers. We establish an API or EDI connection into your carrier's billing system and provide full visibility via a centralized carrier management portal with shared access. Our initial audit includes tax verification, utilization, and active and inactive services—and becomes our baseline. This initial audit typically yields significant savings and credits, which you keep 100%. In fact, all savings found throughout the ongoing management and routine audits of your environment are 100% yours to keep.



Carrier Expense Mgmt - Initial Audit

Monthly Expense Management

Once we've established your baseline, we then move into ongoing monthly managed services. Each month we collect your invoices electronically through our integration with your carrier billing portals and review those invoices via our AI software, which tracks any discrepancies and billing anomalies. When a billing error is identified, a ticket is opened in our system and we track down to remediate and credit the service directly with your carriers. This ensures that all monthly billing is accurate prior to payment—down to the penny.



Carrier Expense Mgmt - Expense Mgmt

Accounts Payable Integration

After completing our monthly audit of your invoices and validating all services and bills, we integrate with your accounts payable process. We provide a full suite of custom reporting, analytics, spend trends for tax, service, location, and more, as well as fully automate your charge back/cost back allocation processes. We can also handle all GL coding and any other custom services you may require.



Carrier Expense Mgmt - Accounts Payable

MACD and Project Management

We also handle all moves, adds, changes, or disconnects (MACD) of any service from any carrier as well as provide full project management for the deployment and provisioning of new circuit roll outs. Rather than spend countless hours on the phone with your carriers tracking truck rolls and escalating deployment timelines, our team will fully manage all deployments and disconnects to ensure that your network team is able to focus their time and energy on more strategic tasks.




Carrier Expense Mgmt - MACD-project mgmt

Bill Pay

Lastly, we offer a full bill pay solution. Instead of managing dozens, if not hundreds, of invoices and payments on a monthly basis you can simply fund ePlus, and we will pay all of your carriers on your behalf.



Carrier Expense Mgmt - Bill Pay


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