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Vigilance to Efficiently Mitigate Cloud Risks

Managing security postures in the cloud is not a one-time process. Ever-increasing cyber threats require an on-going monitoring and management discipline for which many organizations are not equipped. ePlus Cloud Security Monitoring provides continuous risk visualization and security assessment across AWS and/or Azure environments, ensuring that your organization has clarity on cloud risk profiles on a constant basis. This is achieved through on-going security monitoring and guidance that:

  • Decreases risk and compromise of your public cloud infrastructure resources
  • Maintains and optimizes your cloud security posture
  • Ensures you are adherent with AWS/Azure best practices
  • Keeps you compliant with hundreds of rulesets (including PCI, HIPAA, CIS, CSA, NIST, GDPR, and SOC2—as relevant to your business)
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What's Included

What's Included?

Part of our Public Cloud Managed Services, the offering combines a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool and expert consulting from ePlus Solutions Architects to ensure your public cloud deployments meet security and compliance measures.

  • ePlus-guided onboarding of public cloud accounts
  • Access to SaaS-based, multi-cloud security monitoring platform and ePlus self-service portal powered by ServiceNow
  • Monthly Architecture-as-a-Service session with certified ePlus Solutions Architects
  • On-going security/compliance reporting to assess your environment against baseline
  • Monthly executive summary documentation, reporting, and recommendations

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The Power of Synergy

Combining the industry-leading Dome9 tool, a Cloud Security Posture Management tool, and ePlus cloud architecture expertise, the Cloud Security Monitoring offering helps reduce blind spots in your cloud security posture. Leveraging ePlus Cloud Cost Optimization and ePlus Cloud Security Monitoring together yields a reduced total cost of ownership with lower security risk compared to a “do it yourself” approach. You’ll benefit from a fully-optimized and secure public cloud environment with the support of expert consulting services and recommendations from ePlus.

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