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Safeguard Your Most Critical Asset

Backup is frequently the last line of defense against accidental deletions, outages, and ransomware attacks. As part of the ePlus Cloud Managed Backup offering, the ePlus Cloud Data Protection service is designed to address these challenges for your critical workloads both within the data center and the cloud.

Cloud Data Protection
What's Included

What's Included?

  • Cost-effective data archiving to the public cloud
  • Native AWS EC2 protection with auto protection and file level recovery
  • Convenient backup of EC2 AWS instances
  • Unified management interface for on-premise and in-cloud workloads
  • Access to ePlus self-service portal powered by ServiceNow

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Business Outcome

What Business Outcomes Can You Expect?

Combining leading data protection technology from the Rubrik tool and the expertise of our ePlus Managed Services team, we provide an integrated solution to manage backup across your data center and cloud workoads. With ePlus Cloud Data Protection, you can securely offload your critical data to cost-effective public cloud storage and lower your costs of current archiving and AWS EC2 backup. You’ll be able to free up valuable staff time to focus on your business rather than managing backup and restores.

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