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Cloud Usage & Risk Workshop

Companies are moving more and more of their data to the cloud, utilizing multiple providers. As employees are increasingly mobile and collaborating, there is a growing need for security that governs usage and protects data everywhere.

An ePlus Cloud Usage & Risk Workshop will assess your current cloud services, provide education around available security controls for cloud applications, and take the first step in implementing a solution that will better protect your organization‘s data within shared cloud applications.

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2017 Cyber Security Trends to Watch
Endpoint Threat Prevention & Response

With ransomware and other malware attacks growing in frequency and scale, wreaking havoc around the world, an endpoint strategy comprised of firewalls and antivirus products is no longer enough.

Learn how to prevent and respond to threats by adding an advanced endpoint protection solution that can help to greatly reduce malware attacks and increase the efficiency of your security operations program. Schedule an Endpoint Threat Prevention & Response Workshop today. 





Security Consulting

ePlus Virtual CISO provides a seasoned security executive with hands-on technical expertise to evaluate and help drive your information security and compliance programs—complementing your existing security personnel and expertise

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Security Assessments

From risk and compliance to vulnerability and penetration testing, ePlus Security Assessments provide visibility into your environment, diagnose problems, and recommend an actionable roadmap to put you on the path to success.

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