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ePlus is known for our engineering talent and rigor, and we employ many experts who have a keen pulse on the IT industry. From security, cloud, and storage to lifecycle and deployment services, our staff has a unique perspective. Read our thought leadership articles below.

  • Don’t Overlook the Why in Your Move to the Cloud

    • Mike Trojecki
    • Mar 29, 2017
    Simon Sinek, well-known author, speaker, and consultant, made headlines a few years ago with his business book (and extremely popular Ted Talk) titled Start with Why. In his presentation, Simon explains his belief that companies must understand what they do and how they do it. But more importantly, they first need to understand why they do it.
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  • Developing Managers Is Vital for Employee Growth and Engagement

    • David Kloes
    • Jun 3, 2016
    In professional services, your people are your product. Their skills, knowledge, and experience are what separate you and your company in the marketplace. Attracting talented people and retaining them are essential, and your managers play a pivotal role.
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  • Managed Services More than Just Device Management

    • Wayne St. Jacques
    • Mar 4, 2016
    There is little separation between business and IT, making the latter an increasingly vital component for business success. That fact, coupled with heightened market pressure, technology-savvy consumers, increased IT complexity, and the on-going need to find new ways to optimize OpEx spend, has shifted the conversation away from simple device management to strategic value and lifecycle management.
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  • ePlus Awarded SSAE 16 Certification - A Testament to Managed Service Excellence

    • Lori Kasper
    • Mar 4, 2016
    ePlus has an obsession, albeit a very healthy one, for your company's managed IT environment. Our obsession with excellence in ensuring that your critical systems are secure and reliable garnered ePlus its sixth consecutive Type 2 SSAE 16 for our Managed Services Center.
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