Social Media Company Turns to ePlus to Facilitate Global Expansion

ePlus steps in to efficiently and consistently manage the deployment of remote offices on four continents—building a services program that could execute five office builds on multiple continents each month with precision and consistency.

Business Challenge

  • The company was facing rapid expansion (establishing / expanding offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America; building up significant campus environments in North America)
  • The pace of growth was more than its internal teams could manage.

Why ePlus?

  • Ability to build a range of different sites in different geographies in a precise, consistent manner
  • Expertise to manage services on a global scale
  • Flexibility to handle rapid expansion and unpredictable nature of managing real estate on four continents
  • Strong program management


  • Services program and dedicated team (equal number of project managers and deployment engineers)
  • Standardized builds and deployment methodologies
  • Design templates for structuring each site and network configuration automation
  • Site selection process and live site handoff
  • Network of partners to provide additional manpower in all regions required, onsite and remote engineering processes
  • Staging and configurations services for a portion of the builds
  • Hardware for site deployments: Cisco, Juniper, Aruba, Palo Alto Networks

Business Outcomes

  • One reliable and experienced partner, with in-depth understanding of requirements and goals, to streamline all logistics of global office builds
  • Ability to meet aggressive expansion with services program that could execute five office builds on multiple continents each month
  • Pre-configured infrastructure allowed for rapid deployment
  • Success in deploying new or expanding site infrastructures at approximately 100 locations around the globe, all of them on time and on budget

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