Research University and Health System Creates New Customer Experiences with ePlus

A public university and health center is committed to delivering world class care to its customers.  ePlus plays a crucial role in helping the customer utilize technology as a business enabler to significantly enhance patient care. 

Business Challenge

  • CapEx and OpEx costs were unpredictable YoY and not aligned with the business.
  • IT has become an integral part of the patient-care contract. The customer needed to enable always-available access to electronic medical records (EMR), drive new sources of revenue and plan for declining reimbursements, and comply with industry regulations.
  • Time to value of technology adoption and remediation was too long, creating vulnerabilities to the business and the organization's intellectual property.
  • Exposed security vulnerabilities required public notice at a cost of $100M+.
  • Lengthy time to value of application deployment was threatening patient care.

Why ePlus?

  • Technical teams to provide application ecosystem infrastructure design and consulting services in addition to full project management
  • Lab facility and staging services
  • Payment plans to overcome customer fiscal constraints
  • Knowledge of customer’s business and infrastructure
  • Unbiased and strategic recommendations


  • School of Medicine: Next Generation Tech Ecosystem (data center to include multi-petabyte private cloud with automation)
  • CapEx/OpEx:
  • Cisco Enterprise Services Agreement
  • Cisco Enterprise License Agreement
  • Strategic Procurement Program
  • Financing (through Cisco and ePlus)
  • Cisco Advanced Security Technologies
  • Further Integration of Cisco Collaboration Technologies within customer’s workflow
  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Next Gen Networking Tech
  • FlexPod (Cisco/NetApp)
  • FlashStack (Cisco/Pure Storage)
  • ePlus Consulting Services, Staging Services, and Professional Services


  • Transformed the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care while safely accelerating the transition to truly connected care
  • Significant increases in application/data security to protect patient privacy, safeguard its reputation, and reduce risk
  • Improved operational workflow to greatly decrease ER admittance times by more than 50%
  • Delivered an elevated patient experience through integrated collaboration technologies: remote access to ICU Patients by family members
  • Aligned CapEx and OpEx with business cash flows

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