International Law Firm Elevates the End User Experience

Plus’ Hosted Infrastructure solution delivers an always-available, high-performance platform to enhance collaboration with counsel

Business Challenges

  • The law firm faced high demands around security, privacy, uptime, reliability, and flexibility.
  • Its existing hosting provider was unable to meet SLAs or accommodate the company’s high growth and need for new capabilities.
  • The current solution was expensive to maintain, and the firm sought a more cost-effective approach.


    Why ePlus

  • Experience in building custom solutions for complex applications
  • Proven provider in the compliance and security space (PII and HIPAA)
  • Technical expertise to architect solutions with the firm’s primary eDiscovery application



  • ePlus Hosted Infrastructure: Highly-customized hosted “private cloud” for eDiscovery including core infrastructure, scalable storage, data encryption, disaster recovery, and PII compliance


    Business Outcomes

  • 50% cost savings over incumbent hosting provider
  • Scalable, reliable, and efficient platform to accommodate explosive data growth
  • Provide SLAs to match growing business needs and exceed current requirements
  • Met compliance requirements

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