Department of Defense Benefits from Flexible Payment Option through Prime Contractor and ePlus

Multi-year payment option provides flexibility to obtain entire license up-front and remain within the current year’s allocated budget.

Business Challenge

  • A DoD agency faced a directive to architect an enterprise-wide application delivery capability to support its mission, partners, and customers—but lacked sufficient funding.


  • ePlus worked with the prime contractor to structure a base plus option year Extended Payment Plan for the prime contractor to propose to the DoD Agency. The terms and conditions contained all the required Federal Acquisition Regulations allowing the government to terminate the agreement in the option years.

Why ePlus?

  • After the government decided on a specific application delivery solution, the technology vendor’s sales team engaged ePlus for our demonstrated experience and flexibility.
  • ePlus has helped its prime contractor partners structure $2B+ in flexible payment solutions for the Federal Government since our inception in 1990, and was the first company to structure one of these agreements for a software-only solution for the Federal Government.

Customer Benefits

  • The DoD agency was able to acquire the technology it needed to enable fast,reliable, and secure application delivery services with a near unlimited capacity for application growth, and as a result, was able to meet its directive.
  • The multi-year option enabled the customer to ease budget issues for theoverall cost of the system.
  • The agency has a flexible payment solution with tailored terms and conditionsthat grant the government its inherent termination rights and satisfy thegovernment’s requirements for payment due dates, the type of funding (OpExvs. CapEx) to be used, and the available funding for each year of the contract.

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