Data Storage Company Relies on ePlus for Cloud Software Development Services

Custom Connector built by ePlus enhances visibility and competitiveness of customer’s offering

Business Challenges

  • The data storage company wanted to manage its flash array directly from the orchestration layer
  • It needed to expand various tasks and create additional workflows to support its initiative to deliver more robust solutions

Why ePlus?

  • ePlus’ software development skills and expertise
  • Solution expertise to understand the storage and OEM partner solutions and platforms


ePlus Cloud Services – Software Development

  • Custom connector build that allows for management of the customer’s flash array as well as the ability to integrate and manage converged infrastructure components directly from the orchestrator
  • Automated hypervisor provisioning
  • Created volumes, host groups, or snapshots at the orchestration level
  • Provided orchestrator reporting capabilities to display storage array information

Business Outcomes

  • Product is more attractive and competitive
  • Allows for easier deployments via automation, shortening provisioning times, and increasing IT staff efficiency
  • Single pane of glass through portal that provides storage level visibility and immediate access to critical compute and virtualized metrics
  • Increased exposure and visibility to strategic OEM partners
  • As more software development opportunities arise—including training, software development, professional services, and consulting—the company has a go-to partner in ePlus

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