Contract Vehicles

North Carolina

204A - Microcomputers and Peripherals
Contract#: 204A
Expires: 7/31/2020
Description: Desktops Units, Portable Units, and Peripherals
Brands Covered: Lenovo

204J - Mass Storage Convenience Contract
Contract#: 204J
Expires: 3/31/2019
Description: The scope of this contract is limited to the State's normal requirements for Mass Storage Components
Brands Covered: Syncsort

208X – IT Infrastucture Solutions
Contract#: 208X
Expires: 6/30/2023
Description: Servers, Storage, Racks, Networking, Tape Drives, Blades, Routers, Firewalls, Gateways, Switches, Converged, Hyper-Converged, Optical, Repeaters, Extenders
Brands Covered: Fortinet, Pure Storage, NetApp

208V - Virtual Software and Services
Contract#: 208V
Expires: 6/30/2019
Description: Virtual software and services. VMware manufactured products, support/maintenance, and professional services.
Brands Covered: VMware

City of Jacksonville, NC - Master Convenience Contract (Cisco)
Contract#: NCLGISA
Expires: 10/4/2019
Description: Off-the-shelf Cisco products, SMARTnet maintenance for purchased products, and Value-Added Services.
Brands Covered: Cisco

University of North Carolina (UNC) Strategic Relationship Agreement
Contract#: UNC-SRA-051315
Expires: 4/30/2019
Description: Cisco Products, SMARTnet NBD Maintenance, Software Application Support (SAS), Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU), SMB Support Assistant, Cisco Unified Communications Essential Operate Services and Shared Support Service.
Brands Covered: Cisco

PEPPM - 2017 (Extended to North Carolina)*
Expires: 12/31/2018
Description: Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program. PA, primarily. All SLED except State Government.
Brands Covered: Numerous products. (See PA Contracts page for list of PEPPM brands)